LASTRA advocates fair Short Term Rental regulation and responsible property management.

The Los Angeles Short Term Rental Alliance (LASTRA) is an organization of Short Term Rental (STR) owners, operators and supporters working to establish guidelines to responsibly regulate and nurture this growing industry. LASTRA believes STRs bring valuable, multi-tiered benefits to LA and its neighborhoods.*

STRs are booming, and LA has noticed
If you're an STR host, you need LASTRA working for you: The City is scouring STR listing sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey and VRBO to identify STR owners. LA is actively enforcing its 14% Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) with audits of several years’ rentals that impose back taxes, penalties and interest. In addition, the City is currently issuing citations and cease-and-desist letters to STR owners, whether or not he or she has been paying TOT or has received neighbor complaints.

The LA City Council is currently debating how to best regulate STRs. Other city councils following suit.
LA’s current zoning code defines the vast majority of STRs as illegal. STR opponents are actively lobbying their elected representatives, rallying at Neighborhood Council meetings, and sponsoring "studies" that falsely paint STRs as destroying neighborhoods and depleting affordable housing. If Los Angeles STR supporters don't act, the city of LA and others in LA County may go the way of Santa Monica and San Francisco, where Special Enforcement teams are investigating and rooting out STRs citywide.

As an STR supporter, your opinion counts
Your voice should be heard. That's why we formed LASTRA. We believe in fair, common-sense regulation. We provide context, not rhetoric, by debunking false claims against STRs. We spotlight STRs' vast economic benefits to the community. We promote responsible STR management that protects neighborhoods. LASTRA brings a balanced perspective to the table. 

Join LASTRA today and protect Short Term Rentals in Los Angeles. Let's keep STRs a vital part of LA.

* "Local Economic Impact of Short Term Rentals in Los Angeles," TXP, 2014 (click to download)